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        PVC roofing extrusion line

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        Application of the roofing sheet:

        Areas such as factories, warehouses, markets

        Gardens& Agricultural greenhouse or skylights of indoor greenhouse

        The ceiling of waiting hall and channel of modern railway stations, airports


        Equipment Composition& Features:

        This extrusion line is consist of conical twin screw extruder or single screw extruder, mould, three-roller calendar, oven, five-roller foaming unit, edge slit unit, hauler, cutter, and stacker, etc. 

        Equipped with coat hanger flat die and a pneumatic shaping mould, this line has a more stable shaping process and much easier adjustable thickness control. Using rubber hauling roller matched with the waveform of sheets, it provided more smooth traction. Its automatic angular cutting ensures the cutting section tidy. In addition, changing some parts; it can produce PVC, PC translucent roofing sheet, with transmittance up to 85%.

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